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August 30, 2012 by taltamir
Beta 4 = v0.950 Beta 4A = v0.951 I just downloaded and installed via Stardock Central an update to fallen enchantress to v0.952 There has been no notification of it being released, and the manual download on the website still shows v0.951 as being the latest.
May 17, 2012 by taltamir
Scathing reviews are abound of Diablo 3. And the gaming media immediately rallied to bash consumers who make their displeasure unknown. By printing strawman arguments and then "debunking" them. The strawman is that people are entitled whiners who cry about DRM that was necessary to stop the EVIL PIRATES! TM. Even though the real reason for it being online only are obviously the micro transactions from the real money auction house, as well as the destruction of second hand market. But if th...
July 28, 2010 by taltamir
Blizzard, in their infinite stupidity, decided to NOT allow anyone to buy the game until it was actually released on 7-27-2010 at 10am PDT (thats noon exactly for us in central time)... I dreaded what would come, and I was right, their credit card billing crashed and was unable to process the orders... I finally got through on 5:30pm... Yay, I thought, finally I can play... well, not so fast, there was a 0-day patch, and it just went into a loop of asking me to patch, saying ok, and then a...