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Published on July 28, 2010 By taltamir In Gaming

Blizzard, in their infinite stupidity, decided to NOT allow anyone to buy the game until it was actually released on 7-27-2010 at 10am PDT (thats noon exactly for us in central time)...

I dreaded what would come, and I was right, their credit card billing crashed and was unable to process the orders... I finally got through on 5:30pm...

Yay, I thought, finally I can play... well, not so fast, there was a 0-day patch, and it just went into a loop of asking me to patch, saying ok, and then asking again... lots of research later and I found the solution, go into safe mode with networking and apply the patch (no, simply restarting, turning off UAC, etc did not help... has to be safe mode for some reason; this reoccurred when I reinstalled the game)

Ok, fine... now I can play, right? well, no, battle.net is down... there is an offline mode for campaign only... but you have to log in at least once via battle.net to play offline...

Eventually a day later I managed to authenticate and play... when pirates had a crack available a whole 2 hours and 22 minutes after the game went live.

This makes me one of the lucky ones... the support lines are all full (calling gets you either a busy signal, or a notice to call again later), for some odd reason their system bugged out and randomly assigned people to the wrong region, this means that they cannot play, period. They must get a refund and repurchase the game!

Then when you play? lose connection to battle net during single player mode, and you can no longer gain achivements for that mission without restarting it.

And as part of the region segregation responsible for the above mentioned atrocity, people into different regions and you are limited to one region per game, you can't play with someone from another region without buying extra copies.

Thanks for everything blizzard, you really know how to treat your customers. [/sarcasm]

on Jul 28, 2010