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June 11, 2013 by taltamir
Star trek online is unusual for an MMO; sure there is the pointless boring grind. However, STO also has a series of about 50 special unique missions per faction which are done in order, constitute the plot, and will take you from level 1 to level 50. They are listed here http://sto.gamepedia.com/Episode

So you can choose to ignore the grind, play those missions as if it was an offline RPG, and when you finish all the missions quit the game. This was my intent, however I hit a snag halfwa...
March 13, 2013 by taltamir
I cannot report spam, it gives me an error message when I try to report it:

November 9, 2012 by taltamir
~311,591,917 Population (in 2011)~237,744,633 Over 18 (in 2011)61,218,820 (25.75%) voted Obama58,200,593 (24.48%) voted Romney118,325,220 (49.77%) voted neitherRomney got fewer votes then McCain in 2008. Obama got fewer votes them himself in 2008.Since the population increased since 2011, the "neither" category should actually be somewhat larger,most likely breaking the 50% barrier.A sizeable group of both romney and obama voters must have also thought they are voting for the "lesser evil"or "th...
August 30, 2012 by taltamir
Beta 4 = v0.950

Beta 4A = v0.951

I just downloaded and installed via Stardock Central an update to fallen enchantress to v0.952

There has been no notification of it being released, and the manual download on the website still shows v0.951 as being the latest.
August 10, 2012 by taltamir

Yesterday in two separate speeches obama said he wants to and is going to nationalize ALL manufacturing industry in america.

I highly recommend all to listen to the mark levin August 9, 2012 show. Or at least just follow the links to the excerpts from obama's speeches.

It is critical to keep in mind that he has already nationalized much of the auto industry, student loans, and has started the nationalizati...
August 4, 2012 by taltamir
Lets assume for a second that perhaps obama meant "roads and bridges" aka "those" when he said "that".

I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere i...
May 17, 2012 by taltamir
Scathing reviews are abound of Diablo 3. And the gaming media immediately rallied to bash consumers who make their displeasure unknown. By printing strawman arguments and then "debunking" them.

The strawman is that people are entitled whiners who cry about DRM that was necessary to stop the EVIL PIRATES! TM. Even though the real reason for it being online only are obviously the micro transactions from the real money auction house, as well as the destruction of second hand market.

But if th...
April 12, 2012 by taltamir
For a while now I have taken issue with the broken patent & IP system we currently have where a few oligarchs strip ever more of our rights in order to maintain government mandated monopolies. The systems' stated intent is to promote invention and development by preventing the richest largest corporations from exploiting independent inventors and the populace. In reality it does the exact opposite and the solution would be true free market economics.

What does this have...
April 15, 2011 by taltamir
If you are a sane human being who is not mentally deficient you realize that the united states stands on the brink of financial ruin, record deficits and ballooning debt are set to collapse our economy. Yet there are protections in place, previous generations saw fit to place built in limits such as a debt ceiling that would automatically save us from ourselves... why would we ever want to remove them?

What would happen if we reach the debt ceiling? a balanced budget out of necessit...
April 2, 2011 by taltamir

The Denton State School is the former name of what is now called the “Denton State Supported Living Center”. It is the largest of the 12 State Supported Living Centers currently active in texas. It serves “individuals with severe and profound mental retardation” (1). The Texas State Supprted Living Centers are “operated under authority of the board of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, a nine-member board appointed by the governo...
March 18, 2011 by taltamir
Remember when the "evil" bush/republicans passed the patriot act? robbing Americans who are suspected of terrorism of their basic human rights?

Remember when every liberal claimed the messiah (obama) will repeal it?

Well no such luck, seems they would much rather extend it to cover suspected terrorists and suspected copyright violators.
March 1, 2011 by taltamir
I have been asked by my university to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The government is curious to know how it compares to other universities.

I was asked: "In your experience at your institution during the current school year, about how often have you done each of the following?"

Then given a list of activities... One of them struck me as downright wrong.

"Included diverse perspectives (different races, religions, genders, political beliefs, etc.) i...
December 23, 2010 by taltamir

This is a bit of old news (from 2006), but basically shows how government handles money.

They were spending 250,000$ to advertise their "lack of funds". Of course what they were really angling for is a tax increase proposition which they hoped the "lack of funds" advertising will convince people to accept.

They are not allowed to directly advertise the tax hike proposition (since some of the people oppose it), bu...
December 10, 2010 by taltamir
Ask a typical liberal, and you would be told that anyone on unemployment is a hard working individual who just can't get a job (because corporations are evil). The liberal will contend that they just want to help those poor hardworking individuals who would otherwise could not even afford to eat.

Ask a typical conservative, and you would be told they are lazy and don't want a job, and instead just want to be paid not to work. The conservative will tell you that if you cut them off, they will ...
December 8, 2010 by taltamir
While a little outdated, I haven't heard about this or seen it until today, I thought I would share.


House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, far right, speaks while colleagues play solitaire on their computers as the House convenes to vote on a new budget for the fiscal year in the Capitol on Monday [AP Photo/Jessica Hill]


On the left is Rep. Barbara Lambert, a freshman Democra...