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June 11, 2013 by taltamir
Star trek online is unusual for an MMO; sure there is the pointless boring grind. However, STO also has a series of about 50 special unique missions per faction which are done in order, constitute the plot, and will take you from level 1 to level 50. They are listed here http://sto.gamepedia.com/Episode So you can choose to ignore the grind, play those missions as if it was an offline RPG, and when you finish all the missions quit the game. This was my intent, however I hit a snag halfwa...
April 2, 2010 by taltamir
Anyone else find "extended download service" for online purchased games to be extremely offensive? especially the way it is advertised and spun? examples: http://www.digitalriver.com/addons/eds/ gee thank you for keeping a "backup" of my download on your server. I am totally clueless to how the internet, servers, and computer work so I believe that...
January 21, 2010 by taltamir
DRM as a whole is not meant to stop piracy; no form of DRM has ever been effective in stopping piracy, nor has any of it ever been designed in a way that could be effective in stopping piracy. DRM is nothing but a trick to force customers to purchase the same product again and again; which several big DRM advocates (such as the CEO of sony BGM) have publicly declared as their ultimate goal. DRM pushers also came on records as saying that libraries are nothing but massive scale piracy by the gove...
October 31, 2009 by taltamir
The deluxe version of dragon age on impulse includes: Warden’s Keep (While supplies last) * What the hell? since when do you run out of supply on a DLC! Does this mean that if you preorder the deluxe version and you don't get lucky enough to have your order processed amongst the first X users you will not get the DLC?