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1. Go to program files and delete the foxit directory

2. search you computer for 'npFoxitReaderPlugin.dll' and 'FoxitReaderOCX.ocx', delete any copies of them that you find.

3. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader. (now just adobe reader); it will automatically reclaim all associations previously taken up with foxit

4. Install your PDF viewer of choice (SumatraPDF recommended) and set it to be your default PDF viewer. Any association that your PDF viewer fails to claim (because it is not as intrusive) will fall back to acrobat reader.

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on Apr 05, 2010

Agree with the sumatra option ,don't agree with reinstalling that adobe crap ,as for foxit what's wrong with add/remove mmmm perhaps i did delete the left over folder out of progfiles can't remember,dopdf is supposed to be good if you want to print pdf's out,i have just never used it yet it's lite like sumatra

on Apr 05, 2010

What's wrong with Foxit Reader? Been using it for ages now, much better than Adobe Reader.

on Apr 05, 2010

What's wrong with Foxit Reader? Been using it for ages now, much better than Adobe Reader.

You got me... I've been using it for years.  It's a much leaner and grossly smaller PDF reader than Adobe.

on Apr 06, 2010

Foxit isn't as lean as sumatra

on Apr 06, 2010

Foxit has no uninstall...

my process was:

Adobe reader to foxit reader to sumatra.... however when I Switched to sumatra I found that foxit has no proper uninstall and that now every PDF I came across gave me an error about not being able to load foxit. I googled and googled but nobody knew how to properly uninstall it completely. (some said search the registery and delete every mention of foxit, but it doesn't seem to be enough...)

installing the adobe reader is convinient because it will steal the remaining browser associations from foxit. Then you can install Sumatra and enjoy FOSS PDF Viewing... the end goal is NOT to go from foxit to adobe reader, but to go from foxit to sumatra

on Apr 06, 2010

I like the PDF-Xchange viewer by Tracker Software (free).......has an x64 version for Windows 7 and uninstalls thru the control panel.

on Apr 06, 2010

Unfortunately I find the original posting, an opinion of advertising rather then a simple guide to removing software.

Foxit Reader has always been my choice of reading PDF documents , Adobe has really been sluggish from the get go and I never really looked back ever since Foxit was on my computer.

It just so happens GOG.com now distributes FoxIt with their newer titles

on Apr 07, 2010

I like the PDF-Xchange viewer by Tracker Software (free).......has an x64 version for Windows 7 and uninstalls thru the control panel.

Yeah lantec that one looks pretty good looks like a web browser & everything,gonna have to try that one out

on Apr 07, 2010

What's wrong with Adobe Reader?

on Apr 07, 2010

Adobe is to say the least bloated & sluggish.


Nah didn't think that sounded right,foxit doeplace an uninstaller in add/remove & once uninstalled it takes the prog folder with it,don't seem to be any registry enties left either that i can see,makes me wonder what foxit you guys installed

on Apr 08, 2010

Bloated and sluggish? I don't think so. I use it for college. Reader fires up in under 20 seconds. Never had any issues with it.

on Apr 11, 2010

what kind of idiot reads what I said and thinks I am advertising adobe reader?

Adobe reader is indeed slow and sluggish, I switched to foxit because it was much faster. I then switched from foxit to sumatra which is even better, and is FOSS too.

At "worst" I am advertising SumatraPDF... its more of a "plug" then an "advertisement"... this is a legitimate guide in how to remove foxit which digs its claws deep into your PC and does not want to be removed.

on Apr 18, 2010

+1 karma

Saved me half an hour of fiddling to replace foxit - I needed to print something that didn't have a big ugly "printed with foxit" logo on it.

on Dec 13, 2010

Foxit Reader-----Light weight freeware and as good as any professional pdf reader.And it is easy to fully uninstall Foxit Reader by doing as follows:

1. Close any other program running on your desktop.
2. Navigate to Foxit Reader installation folder, somewhere like C:\Program
Files\Foxit Software\foxit reader,the patch depends on where you installed foxit reader. Find the "Uninstall.exe" program, double click on it to uninstall it.
3.  Go to start menu to open the command run line, where input "regedit",
press Enter to open the Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit reader, delete the Foxit reader folder there.

BTW, Foxit Reader has green-free installation version with all full features . Just download the zip package from foxit official website:http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/index.php   unzip it to any folder you like ,and then just create a shorcut for it .

on Mar 03, 2011

I used Adobe first, then Foxit, then PDF-XChange. The best there is. Excellent and very complete and useful interface. Performs functions that are pay in other software.

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