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And that taxes are voluntary
Published on March 16, 2010 By taltamir In Politics

Harry Reid would like to think that everyone but him is stupid.


He "does not accept the phrasology" that taxes are involuntary.

on Mar 16, 2010


on Mar 16, 2010

Or he just is trying to fool most of the people most of the time.  But on the subject of taxes, I do not think most people are going to be fooled.  Only a small portion of people think they can get away - legally - with not paying taxes.

on Mar 16, 2010

That is the thing, he is trying to to fool "most people most of the time" with such lies that its downright insulting the intelligence. Does he really believe that "most people" will fall for such a ploy? does he really think that the public is that stupid?

on Mar 16, 2010

It's just like what they are doing with health care. They call what is basically a tax, a fee, in the attempt to make it sound more palatable to the average person.

on Mar 16, 2010

2 years ago I failed to claim a W-2 by accident in my tax refund. Close to a year later I got a letter claiming I owned a little over $500 to the Gov't, last year I filed my taxes and was not sure how to handle this money I owed. Again I failed to do something about it. I eventually got a letter stating I owed nearly twice as much. This year I filed my taxes and found that I was deducted a little over $500 from what turbotax said I would get. I compared and found it was the same amount as the first letter I got. I eventually got a letter tating I got my refund and a second letter stating I no longer owed the $500 plus to the Gov't.

So how exactly is this not forced? How exactly is this voluntary?

on Mar 16, 2010

last year I filed my taxes and was not sure how to handle this money I owed.

Don't you have tax counsel? Reference softwares? Accountants? Internet forum?

I mean, everytime I have a problem with my taxes, I ask around to make sure I do everything right. Doing nothing about it never solved anything.

on Mar 16, 2010

I had my priorities wrong last year which is why I had financial problems during the last months of the 2009. I almost got kicked out of my apartment, I almost lost all my utilities and I had may car repoed. Yes I had all those options but I was too stupid to look them up and use them. I'm man enough to admit it. This year I forgot about it and didn't do anythintg about it but at least the Gov't took care of it for me so now I'm free of that debt.

I'm not a model citizen, I accept that. But I don't want the Gov't to maintain me and constantly lie to me just like this video as if I was too stupid to see right thru it.