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Star trek online is unusual for an MMO; sure there is the pointless boring grind. However, STO also has a series of about 50 special unique missions per faction which are done in order, constitute the plot, and will take you from level 1 to level 50. They are listed here http://sto.gamepedia.com/Episode

So you can choose to ignore the grind, play those missions as if it was an offline RPG, and when you finish all the missions quit the game. This was my intent, however I hit a snag halfway through the federation plot missions. One bad enough to justify quitting. (not that the missions were terribly well written to begin with)


This is one of the worst "quests" in RPG history

First a bit of background, there is a race called "undine" who is infiltrating various factions using shapeshifting and then starts wars between various factions to weaken them for an undine invasion. When you get to this mission you had already encountered and fought them about 4 times or so.

You are supposedly off to stop the development of some superweapons by the romulans; you are being accompanies by a FLEET ADMIRAL who arranged this mission. First you clear out the ships guarding a space station, then you teleport down with an away team.

As soon as you teleport to the base you are told by the fleet admiral who is with you for some reason "this is NOT how we federation does things but use lethal force, we must stop their super evil subspace weapons!"... ok fine...

Enter first room, kill a bunch of enemies labeled as medical doctors; their screams of death and rage at your unprovoked attack on a medical facility make it ridiculously obvious that they are peaceful researchers... scan the crates, nothing but medical supplies

The obvious undine tells you those trixy romulans put stuff in the box that is tricking your scanners (you are not allowed to open the crates and verify).

She then suggests you try a data terminal for proof of her claims... look at terminal, purpose of station is "medical research and discovering ways to identify undine infiltrators". At which point it is so blatantly obvious that the so called admiral with you is an undine. But you are not allowed to accuse her.
Try "where are the weapons" on the data console... permission denied. Admiral tells you the data would be at the commander's personal console.

Proceed to butcher doctors for 10 more minutes, reaching the final room where the obvious undine says "kill everyone and leave no witnesses, the romulans mustn't find out that it was the federation that attacked here (as if the warbirds fighting you couldn't have sent out a message as soon as you warped into the system...) you have no choice but to do it.
Then scan the consoles, find nothing about weapons... commander of station teleports in with a single aide (I have a 6 person away team armed with weapons that have a stun setting), he ACCUSES me of being an undine for destroying their work. I have no option but to murder him and then...

THE BIG REVEAL "mwhaha, I was an undine all along! instead of maintaining my cover as an ADMIRAL in federation I am going to reveal myself to you for the lulz and then kill you, and then take the place of the romulan doctor we killed! oh and no way could I have brought a second undine to assume the role of the person we just butchered, I will do so myself discarding my wonderful admiral position for that".

Then after a slight beating the undine takes on the appearance of the good dead doctor, calls for help from the romulans, gets beamed up by romulan ships that came out of nowhere... who proceed to IGNORE being told he is an undine infiltrator and proceed to die under my hand (because shooting to disable is not allowed in this mission even though you have done so hundred of times in other missions). and the undine got away somehow even though you killed all the romulan ships.

This is one of the worst "quests" in RPG history, and it is completely unskippable, if you want to finish the plot missions you must finish this mission exactly as described above. So screw you STO, I quit.

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on Jun 14, 2013

I played Klingon Defense Force so my favourite missions were the 6 or so 30-minute missions we had in total at launch. They weren't great but we had them and we were glad for it! I still wonder to this day how they sold a game with only one developed faction (The Federation).

I remember when the first Borg episode arrived, they finally caved in and just gave the KDF exactly the same missions as Federation. Didn't make any sense, but what could they do? Of course the KDF was an empty faction by then. And the episode sucked ass anyway. The Borg should not be about fighting 5000 clones in a row just to come up against a mildly interesting boss fight after 2-3-4 hours.

So for the KDF the content was extremely limited and not very good anyway. And then they started selling us ships in the cash store. That's when I binned this POS.

on Jun 16, 2013

My only question is, why the hell did you play it so long in the first place?  I was a beta tester and I left it there, especially since I wanted to pay Klingon and that race was a mere after-thought.

Almost one of the worst MMOs in history far as I am concerned

on Jun 16, 2013

I had good friends I enjoyed playing the ship to ship pvp with.

The beta was fucking awesome by the way, as Klingon. Klingons could not get to the upper level ships for KDF, but me and a few friends figured out a way to ... "get" to the Sol system. In the final days of the beta they turned every zone into a PVP zone. So me and my friends went to the Earth space station (can't remember its name, its the big one). We boarded and started killing low levels (normally you would not be able to board as KDF, but they changed the zone to pvp, right?). We proceeded all the way to the shipyard. And who was there, if it wasn't for the ship vendors? Greedy bastards, more than eager to sell some Federation ships to the KDF. Okay, not greedy, just no scripts to differentiate between KDF and Federation - we were never ever supposed to have access to the zone anyway. Curiously guards kept spawning to fight us off, but that's another side-by.

We picked up the strongest, baddest Federation ships in the fleet and went back to our homeworld to refit our new Federation ships. Then we went to Sol and started killing everything that moves. 4-5 of the Federation's strongest ships killing every wasp-like Federation ship that appeared around the space station. Most of them were very low level, just recently joining the beta for the day.

Tbh, those moments were some of the most epic I have ever had in a computer game. Using the traitor merchants' ships against the oh so righteous wannabe-Picards and -Kirks. For the KDF.

on Jun 16, 2013

The way i see it if you want a good space based MMO play Eve Online. More "Mature", and less cartoony.

on Jun 16, 2013

Aaah Heavenfall, you're a griefer just like me   Reminds me of a day in World of WarCraft when I laid in ambush (as a Night Elf Hunter) and killed Horde player that ran through the zone 

on Jun 16, 2013

I think Star Trek Online is one of the best Free-To-Play SciFi MMOs out there.  If EVE Online was free-to-play, I would play it.

But it isn't free-to-play, so...

To those in the KDF:  The KDF has been overhauled quite a bit.  They have their own episodes now, and new ships.

on Jun 16, 2013

I actually find that the missions created for the new Romulan faction are quite good.  It certainly doesn't hurt having Denise Crosby in to voice for Sela.

on Jun 20, 2013


My only question is, why the hell did you play it so long in the first place?  I was a beta tester and I left it there, especially since I wanted to pay Klingon and that race was a mere after-thought.

Almost one of the worst MMOs in history far as I am concerned

You mean why I played main quest missions and nothing but main quest missions with 0 grinding and sidequests for less than 2 days?

When I started the Klingons have been already fleshed out to their own faction.

I had good friends I enjoyed playing the ship to ship pvp with.

PvP sucks in MMOs because skill is at most 10%, 0 to 40% is your choice of build (how unbalanced are the builds; typically fairly unbalanced with some being clearly mechanically better), and the rest how much you grind for better equip than your competitors.

It doubly sucks in F2P aka P2W MMOs; where people who pay win.

on Jun 20, 2013

At the time it was alright, because there was no end-game and no cash shop so everyone who made it to max level pretty much instantly had the best gear available.

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