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Published on April 2, 2010 By taltamir In PC Gaming

Anyone else find "extended download service" for online purchased games to be extremely offensive? especially the way it is advertised and spun?

examples: http://www.digitalriver.com/addons/eds/

gee thank you for keeping a "backup" of my download on your server. I am totally clueless to how the internet, servers, and computer work so I believe that...

on Apr 02, 2010


on Apr 02, 2010

It's pretty scammy, yeah.

on Apr 03, 2010

what irks me the most is that they lie about what it is that they are doing, and assume everyone to be completely ignorant of computers and technology.


on Apr 03, 2010

Wow. To the link.

So is it that it takes so long to download that you're upset with, or that they give you a time limit?  (If it's time limit, I'm with you.  The only backup involved would be your order, not the product.  They have the one and distribute copies of it.)

-Twilight Storm

on Apr 03, 2010

It confused me at first. I first noticed the little bars, and it took me a while to realise that it meant you could download the file two years later. It was kind of confusing thinking that it meant the download took two years.

on Apr 03, 2010

Okay.  Now I get it.  Thanks Alpha.

Crooks.  Doesn't take any more space than they should have already.  (I mean really, who doesn't keep such a simple record of sales when it's so easy?)

-Twilight Storm

on Apr 05, 2010

the time limit bothers me... but what irks me the most is that they are misrepresenting what a server is and how it works... they are NOT "storing a my copy" on their server for 2 years. Their fileserver has 1 and only 1 copy of the file (although backups probably exist elsewhere) which they allow me to download, when I download I do not "consume" it, it is creating a new copy on my machine. They are spinning it as if they are physically storing a copy for me, in order to convince people who are completely ignorant of computers that it is a legitimate thing.

And the money you pay? thats only 2 years downloading, not even perpetual download rights!

so the three issues from worst to least bad:

1. The lie about what is happening to trick people

2. Only 30 days to download it.

3. Paying extra only gets you 2 years.

on Apr 06, 2010

For what it's worth, Matrix has repeatedly stated in their forums that they allow their customers to re-download their games at any time (all you need is the game's serial number).  They cannot openly advertise this fact, however, as it would violate their contract with Digital River. 



on Apr 08, 2010

thats pretty cool of them.

on Apr 08, 2010

Well Matrix is a pretty cool company.  (At least that's been my experience so far!)    



on Apr 09, 2010

One reason why i love stardock..bought a game on stardock central 3 years ago...can still download it today whenever i want and be told if there's updates.


Gotta love stardock.



PS: Sorry for the little 'i love stardock' post it just needed to be said.

on Apr 09, 2010

One reason why i love stardock..bought a game on stardock central 3 years ago...can still download it today whenever i want

You are downloading the latest version in that case. Which is different of what is advertised with the extended download service: backup of the version available at your purchase.

on Apr 11, 2010

what actually is this one?

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