Speaking up against our would be soviet overlords.

Another day, another crime, another coverup by our soviet overlords.
Today the UK government (specifically gordon brown) have come up with a statement that it did not consult the obama administration BEFORE banning michael savage from entering the UK; however it DID discuss the issue with the US government afterwards.


A little background.
The ban list for that year includes only 16 individuals. They include a hamas "lawmaker" (who spent years in israeli prison after he shot to death a jewish couple in their home and then clubbed their 4 year old daughter to death with his gun), and a pair of Russian brothers who murdered 17 people due to their race. And other despicable murderers.

Shortly after being elected, obama appointed Janet Napolitano to head the department of homeland security, after which she issued a statement to local authorities to observe potential terrorists such as "US armed forced veterans, anti abortion groups, and anti illegal immigration groups".

Michael Savage filed a lawsuit against the US for the inclusion of veterans as potential terrorists. Shortly after he was banned from britain, however no connection was made until today. The then UK Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, which is now facing massive corruption scandal (not related to michael savage), is the one responsible for banning him, saying he is a criminal and he incites people to violence (he isn't, he is simply a Conservative talk radio host on DFW 570AM KLIF radio station).
Michael savage went to hillary clinton, the secretary of state, to intercede on his behalf in britain, however she refused. Again it seemed like a specific localized thing... however suddenly out of the blue, today, the UK has made the statement that it did not consult the obama administration before placing savage on this list of bigoted mass murderers for merely speaking against communism.

Suddenly it all fits, look at the timeline:
Napolitano gets in power, labels veterans terrorists -> savage sues US gov ->  Savage banned in UK along with mass murderers -> savage asks hillary clinton to intercede, she refuses (on may 11th) -> Today july 1st 09, the UK announced that it did not consult the OBAMA administration BEFORE placing savage on the ban list, but it DID discuss the issue AFTERWARDS (even though the obama administration specifically refused to intercede).

The head of the conservative party in Britain had a field day over this issue, hammering it in against gordon and jacqui. The UK seems to have finally realized the sham they are in and might actually do something...
As a response to this revelation from the UK, savage announced today that he will actually file a lawsuit in the UK, before he was trying to resolve this diplomatically, but this is clearly a case of a coverup (they changed the dates on the emails between the US and UK governments related to this issue).
The agency claimed Savage was "considered to be engaging in unacceptable behavior by seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence."
I recommend you listen to his show some time on KLIF, which is 570AM in the DFW area in texas.

In other recent news, the president of Honduras was striped of his position by his own party, congress, the courts, and the military, after trying to perform a coup. He tried to alter to constitution to allow him to run for more terms (after reaching term limit), He has done so by firing anyone who did not cooperate, even those he did not have the authority to, he fired generals, supreme court justicers, congressmen, etc, and replaced them with his own appointed staff (just before his term was to end). However they banded together and kicked him out of power.
However this would be dictator STILL have support, specifically Obama, Hillary, UN chairman, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Chaves and the Castros (the entire family) called for his return to power. This is rich consider obama and hillary officially "wait and see" how things develop in Iran, they seem fine in meddling to put in place an anti american dictator. Which is interesting since jimmy carter is the sole reason that iyatolas rules iran!
Obama stated this is a coup, and under US law aid is suspended to countries that have had their heads of state ousted by a coup.

Before that: the Obama administration have put a stop to criminal investigations against ACORN for their massive voter fraud. Obama was head of training for ACORN before his election to congress, a position he was appointed to by bill ayers, a domestic terrorist who funded a domestic terrorist organization who bombed US government buildings in the 1960s and 1970s and still to this day say it was right because the US is an evil empire.

Before that Obama personally "fired" the investigator general who tried to approach congress about the backroom deal with the mayor of sacramento (he returns half the money he embezzled, charges go away). The president does not even have the power to fire investigator generals (impartial bipartisan and legally protected anti government corruption investigators for congress), and both republicans AND democrats in congress are demanding an explanation. So far all obama has said is "he has become senile". For a timeline, the DAY the backroom deal was made he stated he will speak of it to congress, the same night he was fired before he got the chance. by a man who doesn't have the AUTHORITY to fire him. Who does obama plan to "fire" next? supreme court judges who rule that he is violating the constitution?

Members of the black panthers convicted of voter intimidation were also let go, when the obama administration has ordered the case against them dropped after their conviction (but before their sentencing). Since when does the president order criminal cases against people convicted of voter intimidation dropped?

We are seeing a continuous trend of voter fraud, corruption, and cover-ups, with the banning of any investigation of wrong doing. Meanwhile all major positions are being replaced, and the TV news services are becoming a propaganda arm of the obama. I hate to say it, but all the signs show a warless coup, similar to one done by putin. Or more specifically, to Honduras.


on Jul 04, 2009

If you blacked out the names you'd think this was some third-world dictatorship in action, and maybe it soon will be. When we fall it will be from the inside.

on Jul 04, 2009

you know, that is a good idea.

I see it all the time, the most conservative people will shut up anyone who even suggests the possibility with "THE US IS FREE AND ALWAYS SHALL BE!"

I wonder how people respond if I swap the names a little bit and then when they express their grave concerns for the poor people of nation X, I reveal that I mislead them about the names of people and countries in question, and that it was actually USA.

on Jul 05, 2009

I've see similar experiments, but not on this topic. Kind of like the Pepsi challenge.